Parties These Days

July 16, 2013
By WishesComeTrue GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
WishesComeTrue GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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So I think I've been to 4 really cool partie. They were amazing and everybody was having a good time. Then I realized there where no drugs. I could breathe and the air was clear. It was funny because before that I didn't like going to parties one bit. But those three parties were perfect : no drama, no over doses, nobody passed out. But the best part is everyone remembered it . I mean there was probably 1 or 4 groups that had a drink or two or smoked a little. I promise you, you could never point them out. People might of came on some other things but they were doing it responsibly. It was funny because everyone in the party was either 19 or 18 and they were partying sober. I go to parties all the time with my own age group. (14 - 17) I can promise you everybody at the party has drama, there drunk, there being sloppy. It's ridiculous theres no reason at all that kids my age do more drugs then the legal ones. I've never seen people so drunk in my life in til I went to a high school party. Okay I think everyone gets it your old enough to be in high school. But is showing some people that you won't even bother to talk to in the future or are going to betray your trust soon that you can screw your life up before they can suppose to be fun like no. Teens these days need to get it together have a DRUG FREE PARTY!! I promise with the right people it would be the best time you ever had and could remember.

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Drugs are bad they mess up your life,

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