Lowering the Age to Consume Alcohol in the United States? Good or Bad?

May 7, 2013
Lowering the Age to Consume Alcohol in the United States? Good or Bad?
“Prior to 1920, each state had their own regulation regarding age and alcohol consumption. The 18th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which instituted prohibition, became law on January 17th 1920. Of course, a simple amendment to the constitution didn’t stop the desire for alcohol, and “where there is a will there is a way.” It became a criminal act to produce, transport, have or consume alcohol, and as a result the police, courts and prisons were saturated by offenders. The Federal Government was woefully understaffed and overwhelmed by trying to enforce the law”
I believe that the age to consume alcohol in the United States should be lowered to eighteen years old.
Some countries in Europe have lowered their drinking age to under the age of 18. In some countries they can drink with an adult or parent at 14 years old and with out at 16 years old. “There are a number of countries that allow people to drink alcohol at a young age, such as, Greeks, Italy, Southern France, Portugal and Spain.”
At 18 years old in the United States, you can basically do anything an adult can do except drink alcohol. When you turn 18 you are automatically allowed given a bunch of new rights, such as:

To vote

To make a will and power an attorney

To sign a contract in his own name

To be an organ donor

To obtain medical treatment without parental consent

To enlist in the armed forces

To be completely independent

To apply for credit in your own name

To be tried in criminal court rather than juvenile court

Eligible for jury duty

All males must register with selective service
I feel that with all of these rights, why should we have to wait till we are 21 years old to drink. That is the only right that isn’t “when you turn 18 you can do this and this and this…”

We already have underage drinking. Teenagers in college have parties all the time and there is drinking going on all the time on campus. When kids go home now a days they bring back liquor from their parents’ house and drink it at the college parties. An eighteen year old feels they can do anything they want except drink so they do it anyway. It makes them want to do it more. “When a young adult feels targeted, they will resist the implied injustice and act to regain control.”
“You have to pass a test dealing with alcohol acts and stats once you turn 18 in order to drink. If you are caught for any alcohol related offences, you lose that right until you turn 21.” All of the high schools in the country should have a class that the seniors take teaching them about how to drink alcohol responsibly. Even though we may think we know all of the drinking side effects it could have about it, it is always good to refresh your memory. There is also a lot we don’t know and learning about that is very helpful when deciding to have a drink. It would be like getting your babysitters’ or drivers’ license in middle school or as a sophomore or junior in high school.
In my opinion, if we do end up lowering the drinking age, then I think that they should be held accountable for their actions as an adult. Have a real court date or pay a fine. There shouldn’t be any exceptions, all the same rights and privileges. An eighteen year old is not a kid any more.
Many people believe the age to consume alcohol should stay 21 years of age. On a regular basis, we hear stories on the news of people getting into car accidents because of many drunk drivers. There seemed to be less and less as people are more aware of the consequences that can happen because of their actions. This has cost us so many lives already. It is saving lives and if we lower the drinking age to 18 then more and more people could die from drunk drivers and people who aren’t careful with how much alcohol they consume at once.
I believe that in the United States the age to consume alcohol should be lowered to 18. I think that most teens like to rebel against the rules and feel it isn’t fair that they can do a lot of things such as owning their own apartment or house and not be able to have a drink or two but always being responsible. In the future I also think this will save lives because it not so many teens are thinking it as much as going against the rules and will actually follow the rules.
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