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To All Recovering Drug Addicts

To Recovering Drug Addicts

You’re doing the right thing getting help for your substance abuse problem. Drugs will bring you nothing but a lifetime of excruciating pain, dark miser and deep regret. You need to stay strong, resilient, and dedicated to kicking your addictions. Substance abuse will affect not only you, but your families, friends and all those who care about and love you. They all care about you and you owe it to them to get clean. Is this really the way you want to live your life? In withdraw, high, relapse and withdraw again/ it’s a horrible cycle that will lead your life towards a path of destructive pain. Kicking your addictions will give you a feeling of relief, health, happiness and the cycle of suffering will be broken. Imagine the feeling of ecstasy without the need to take a pill. Not blowing all your money on a hopeless drug dealer who’s only purpose is to get you hooked on a debilitating substance that will ultimately ruin your life. I reiterate, think of family, friends, yourself. You don’t have to imagine a life with them without drugs. You can make it a reality. Be strong. Stay determined and you can and will put your life back together

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