Lowering the Legal Drinking Age

April 23, 2013
By , djsjdee, NV
Lowering the Legal Drinking Age

There’re always problems with underage drinking accidents. Teens as young as 15, sometimes younger, often find themselves in drinking accidents. Let’s fix this problem by changing the legal age.
People all around the U.S believe that the National Minimum Drinking Age Act should be repealed. In 1984 Ronald Regan passed this act to regulate the minimum drinking age to 21.
Teens have always felt the need to rebel against their elders. With the legal drinking age being 21, teens feel the need to break the law. Therefore, it results in common underage drinking.

Presidents of 100 well known colleges and universities are joining forced to lower the national drinking age. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D) are against this. They feel that this would encourage more and more teens to drink, furthermore, cause more accidents.
In many other countries, drinking is incorporated into their children’s lives. As they grow into their late teens, we Americans are just now discovering what they have known for years.
Would mothers across the U.S not agree that the German tradition, of letting their children drink at a younger age help them be more mature, and responsible, when it comes to alcohol.
(If you feel the same about this issue, contact your legislature about taking further action on this issue).

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