Drug Abuse

April 22, 2013
Drug Abuse
Drug abuse is a very serious problem among teens and young adults. They see other people doing them so they think it is accepted and they do not think about the negative consequences. The most common drugs used among teens are ecstasy, cocaine, crack, speed and heroin. The majority of teens ages 12-17 can get any drug very easily from friends and even family. Getting drugs gets easier every day.
For young mothers, drugs and alcohol abuse can affect their pregnancy and their baby. A recent survey estimated that one in five pregnant women in West Virginia used drugs or alcohol and the effects range from premature births and miscarriages to low birth weights and other health problems for the infants.
Marijuana has become a very popular drug to use and a lot of states are trying legalize it, like Alabama. I honestly think that if any drug should be legalized it is marijuana. There have never been any overdoses or medical problems from smoking it.
Most parents have no idea that their kids abuse drugs, they would never imagine that happening but it does every day. Just because you do not think it can happen to your children doesn’t mean it won’t.
Drug abuse leads to depression, suicidal thoughts, change of appearance, weight loss, memory loss, and different behavior.
Normally when someone is on one drug someone else can easily talk them into doing another drug and that is when they get addicted.
There are many people who think that random drug tests in high school are acceptable. I think it should be up to your family, not your teachers. If this happened the drop out percentage would be way higher than it already is.
Drug abuse will always be an issue but we can help by helping our loved ones around us.

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