It's Time to Legalize

April 22, 2013
By kristakat99 BRONZE, Bessemer, Alabama
kristakat99 BRONZE, Bessemer, Alabama
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The government is wasting money by trying to stop the legalization of marijuana and the money given up by failing to legalize it and tax it. The total estimate of state and local government revenue for marijuana is $566 million while cigarette tax is $425 and liquor at $426 million.

For the first time 50% of Americans think that marijuana should be legal. Approval to legalize marijuana could mark a historic change-and emerge a huge new industry to rival those for cigarettes and alcohol. There are still no signs that federal drug enforcers would fully legalize it. In many states, though if you get caught with one joint, you can face jail time, and some pricy fines to pay by the state government.

Police should focus more on violent crimes such as burglaries, rape, murder, and arson. The problem with state legalization, however, is the marijuana will still be illegal at the federal level, and federal law overrides the state law, simply because they are at higher command.

My opinion, they should go ahead and legalize marijuana; it’s here, it always has been here, and it always will be, the government will never stop people from getting it or selling it so they should just deal with it, and legalize it. The world would be a lot much happier and peaceful place.

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