April 4, 2013
By , Pittsburgh, PA
Marijuana. Such copious amounts of violence, money, government, arguing, and propaganda over one little word. Let's start off with some basic history about the crop.

Used for its superiority to cotton, numerous health benefits, lamp oil, and strong material in the 1800's, hemp (AKA marijuana) was a plant that was viewed as extremely beneficial. It was also the biggest agricultural crop grown in the world. Ben Franklin supported the growth of the crop, and the first 2 documents of Declarations of Independence were written on hemp paper. In fact, all American farmers were ordered to grow hemp in 1619. But the first tax act came into place at 1937. This tax act, which required you to buy a stamp to grow marijuana, was going just fine, until one day the government stopped giving them out. This lead to the first criminal conviction of an old farmer who possessed two marijuana cigarettes. Along with the potential for marijuana to overtake all other fibers in the industry, this lead to the eventual downfall of the hemp industry.

It stayed low until WWII, in which the government suddenly decided hemp was a good thing again. They released propaganda called "Hemp for Victory". But by the time the war was over, marijuana was once again, and since then, viewed as a hell-sent.

So even with the ridiculousness of how it became illegal aside, how come it isn't legal today? Well, let's take a look at the WORST things about recreational marijuana use:
1. It will make you lazy while under the influence
2. It can decrease reaction time while under the influence
3. It can distort long-term memory while under the influence
4. It can cause cancer in those who smoke mass amounts regularly

Now let's take a look at the good effects:
1. Makes those who are under the influence pacifists
2. Can increase creativity
3. Helps some overcome chronic pain
4. Alleviates anxiety (including panic), nausea, and anger

Now let's look at the (biased) reasons why it should be illegal:
1. Those who drive are more prone to crashing
2. All those who smoke marijuana will become unemployed
3. You will get fat

Let's take a look at alcohol and cigarettes. I won't waste time getting into numbers, but know that they are very high, sometimes in the millions. Alcohol kills. When you take a look at the amounts of car crashes due to alcohol each year, the numbers are staggering. The reason is, you think you're invincible and have high confidence while drunk. Do you feel that while stoned? For most people, absolutely not. Most people will be too either lazy, scared, or have too much good judgement to not drive stoned. Alcohol can ruin families. It can provoke domestic violence, and it can cause destructive behavior. Does weed? Nope. In fact, weed makes most people want to perform better for their loved ones, make them more affectionate towards them, and decrease destructiveness. Now let's take a look at cigarettes.

Cigarettes cause numerous deaths from lung cancer. Have we seen any deaths or cases of lung cancer solely from smoking marijuana? Nope. Not one. Have we seen anybody physically addicted to marijuana? Nope. Psychologically? Some claim, but chronic addiction rate is low, and no signs of withdrawal appear. Does weed give you brown lungs? Absolutely not.

So, in conclusion, the illegalization of marijuana is extremely ridiculous. I'm not asking you to legalize it for you to smoke it, or your son to smoke it, because no matter what, you or your son can easily get marijuana currently anyways. Legalizing it will decrease taxes spent on drug busts, decrease the number of innocent "criminals", and lessen hassle in general and more.

So, will you show you have some common sense and join the effort for the better of our country?

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Alyssa-the-only said...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 4:55 pm
I really enjoyed this article. You sound really intelligent. Keep posting stuff :)
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