March 22, 2013
Over the past three decades, legalizing marijuana has been a much debated topic. Colorado made history on November 6th, 2012, the same day the presidential election took place of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Colorado is one of the fewest states in America that have been able to legalize marijuana. The governor John Hickenlooper had to agree with the voters because it came to the point that they had all the votes they needed. It was a much fought subject; but Colorado still needed the “YES!” from the federal government.

On November 6th, 2012 the voters and workers for marijuana centers interviewed a man named Jose Chavez who said, “Marijuana is a very helpful drug for many cases, but when people take a bad advantage of the drug, it’s when things start getting real serious. We also need to be able to be careful for what we are doing when we take the drug because many of the young teens may start thinking that doing the drug will have a good effect on them and will make them look cool and older.”

A worker from a marijuana dispensary stated, “As we all know Marijuana has been used to cure lots of cancer problems. Also it makes lots of pain go away. Marijuana will bring much more work for us the employs because we will have much more customers coming in to buy in our shops. We all as the employee are looking forward to what is coming up now that this law has been put in.”

In the year 2028, the government will most likely have to decide if every state in the country is allowed to have marijuana legal. Most likely, that will be the case. There will be no one in prison for possession.

In the case for fighting for marijuana legalization, it is only a matter of time before the drug becomes a normal part of our society.

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