Be Confident

March 20, 2013
By , philadelphia, PA
Hi, I’m a freshman in high school and things are not always easy. I was only 13 when I started doing things that were very bad for me and could have changed my life. DRUGS.I didn't have confidence in anyone and I was scared meeting new people. And telling them about my situations and what I was going through. Many people are insecure like me but, confidence is a felling everyone should have.

When you feel upset or sad talk to someone because you might fall in a deep depression like I did. If I was you I would talk to someone and tell them what I am going through or go to psychologists he or she will help you to get through everything.

Don’t ever make the big mistake to tell some one you just knew because like the quote says “not everything that glitters is gold”. (Shakespeare, (shakespear, unknown)William).

They will give you bad advice like they gave me, the bad advice they gave me was to give me pills known as perks. She offered them to me but, I was in to much depression to care. I took them without knowing the consequences. Really didn’t feel an affect, in my mind I was thinking this doesn’t do anything so I took another one. I waited for a while and started to feel the effect Really wasn’t afraid of nothing I started to get clumsy and tired I was started to get dizzy and felt that everything was moving in my surrounding that didn't’t know were I was or with who.
Things happened everyday like this so an advice I give you is to listen to people that know you and really care about you. For example family, friends, parents or someone close to your family that has experience. I recommend you to talk to your parents and tell them what are you’re problems and be confident to them ,they are your parents they will never give you bad advice they will always be their when you need them. The only thing they want for you is good. Everyone should be confident instead of being insecure.

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