Should Smoking Be Illegal?

January 27, 2013
Smoking Cigarettes is the major problem that is happening in the United States. Millions of adults that were cigarette smokers died from smoking related illnesses during the past year. Smoking causes many health problems to both the smoker and non smokers around them. It is an extremely difficult habit to break. For theses reasons, smoking should be illegal in the United States.

Smoking should be illegal because it harms every part of the body. Smoking can cause heart attacks and strokes. It can slow the blood flow of a person’s body and its cuts off the oxygen of a person’s feet and hands. Smoking can cause many types of cancer like cancers of the lung, esophagus, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, stomach, and leukemia too. To others smoking can be a hard habit to break out of because the tobacco in the cigarette is highly addictive.The toxic in the cigarette can cause a person to get asthma, respiratory infections, health effects, especially lung cancer. The gas in the cigarette is called Carbon Monoxide which causes heart attacks and strokes. Carbon Monoxide can slow down a person’s blood flow. Cigarette smokers have a lower level of their lung function more than people who have never smoked before.Therefore, smoking can cause different effects on your body.

Smoking is a hard habit to break out of because tobacco contains a drug called nicotine (Toxic) which makes the cigarettes highly addictive. Cigarettes are highly addictive because nicotine gets absorbed into the bloodstream when a cigarette is chewed or smoked. The nicotine in the cigarette makes people addicted to smoking. It takes about 12 weeks for the nicotine to stop having a strong effect in your body. As a result, the nicotine in a cigarette makes it highly addictive.

Smoking can cause non smokers to get sick as well. According to University of Minnesota, “Smoking while pregnant can cause birth effects on the babies such as premature birth, low birth weight infants, and sudden infant death.” Pregnant women take risks of smoking and causes a baby to be unborn or wasn’t born correctly. About 820 women have smoked while pregnant in the united states. A woman who smoke while pregnant can have a death of the baby. About 53,800 people die every year from secondhand smoke.

Some people believe that Smoking shouldn’t be illegal because people think it’s cool to smoke. People think smoking would help them lose weight. People start smoking because they see their family members or their friends smoking. They think smoking can relieve stress and make them feel relaxed. Others think smoking won’t harm them in any other way like getting sick. This proves that, smoking shouldn’t be illegal.
Smoking should be illegal because it causes many harmful effects on your body like it can rot your lungs.Smoking kills 430,000 people every year in the united states. Many people suffer from secondhand smoke too because people smoke in a room where there are non-smokers. Smoking can causes diseases and cancers like leukemia, stroke, heart disease, and more. As a result, Smoking should be illegal in the united states.

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