October 3, 2012
By Victoria Lustig GOLD, Galisteo, New Mexico
Victoria Lustig GOLD, Galisteo, New Mexico
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The world is consumed in pain, therefore we don’t feel. We are numb. Numb to ourselves, numb to others, numb to our world. I want to feel. I have no inclination to be numb or unfeeling. I would rather be unhappy than unfeeling. We numb ourselves to escape from our problems or worries. We develop coping mechanisms, which, almost always, ends in us forgetting or no longer caring. We should allow ourselves the right to feel pain, the right to be human. To feel is human, and as the world moves along, we are losing our humanity. With so many ways and so many things to distract us from our pain, our misery, we no longer have to face anything or anyone as our true selves, nor do we have to deal with anything, but rather gloss it over with another dose, another hit, another one night stand. We as a race, as a society, as a nation, have almost lost the ability to face things head-on, to understand that there are problems that need to be addressed and dealt with. We no longer think about what is troubling us, the age of self exploration is, sadly, gone. We forget and dull the symptoms, yet the pain is still there, buried deep underneath.

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