Hugs Not Drugs?

September 25, 2012
By Samantha14353 SILVER, Ashford, Alabama
Samantha14353 SILVER, Ashford, Alabama
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A broken heart is like a broken mirror its better to leave to leave it broken then to cut urself trying to fix itt

The title says a lot , don't it? "Hugs not drugs." Seems legit, but so many of us don't take the time out of the day to realize when someone is hurting. We are so caught up in our own selves to notice that someone is waisting away there life. We tend to put people down to make ourselves feel better when we shouldn't, cause we never know what what goes on in their life, what troubles there already facing without us. People around you are doing drugs, smoking , and drinking away their lives, but yet were sitting at home bashing everyone that we don't like. Take a chance for once. Reach out to them people that are hurting and let them know that some people out there actually care about them. Tell them that they don't need to do all that stuff just to make them feel better. Let them know you care. Don't be afraid!

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I see so many people doing drugs, drinking, and smoking just cause someone was pushing them towards it and putting them down. I want other people to reach out towards them too.

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