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September 20, 2012
By Enzo99 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Enzo99 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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For years, cigarette smoking continues to grow among teenagers. This shows that they are being influenced by older generations. Although people say smoking gives satisfaction and relaxation, they are also harming their bodies. Cigarette smoking should be illegal world-wide. Cigarette smoking should be prohibited because it makes people be less healthy, and it is also one of the main leading causes of death.

Cigarette smoking is also one of the reasons why people are less active. Cigarette smoking causes the user to be less active. One way this is true is because the users start to have respiratory problems. The cigarette smoke causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or also known as COPD; there is no cure for it therefore people die slowly from lack of air which eventually make you less active. COPD makes people weak also not active so they have a harder time breathing in oxygen, because of that they might have to live with an oxygen tank for life. This is important because the user is at risk of COPD, and there is no cure. Therefore, people get weak and have to live with an oxygen tank so they aren’t able to do any activities so they are lees active. Another indication of this is that cigarette smoking makes you less active, so you are going to have a harder time doing exercise. Exercise is super important in order to be active. This is proving the fact that in order to be healthy people must do at least 3 days of exercise weekly. This is significant because this shows how smoking causes people to be lees active; therefore they have a harder doing the activities they like. Adding to that cigarette smoking users are building up scars in their lungs because of cigarette smoking. Weather is believable or not, cigarette smoking causes peoples lungs to get damage badly which gives it scars and causes chest burn. That will make people be less active because every time they push their lungs to breath harder they will get a chest burn. This is really important because this shows how cigarette smoking causes pain to your body which does not let someone be as active as they would like to be. If only the users knew how much harm they are causing themselves, they would know how much less active they are compared to a non-smoker. Put it all together, and see that cigarette smoking makes people less active and therefore it should be illegal.

Cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of death. That is one of the many reasons why cigarette smoking should be illegal. First and Foremost, cigarette smoking leads to cancer; that is one leading cause of death from cigarette smoking. It is even a bigger risk of having or getting cancer if the user is addicted. Usually your immune system protects the body from cancer; however, the poison is the cigarette smoke weakens the tumor fighters. The worst part is that it’s possible to get cancer almost anywhere in the body from mouth, nose throat, lungs, stomach, etc. This example is important because everyone knows that cigarette smoking kills slowly, yet they do not take action to try to stop the smoker from doing it. Along with that, there is also a big possibility for a smoker to have circulatory problems. Smoking also builds up plaque in your arteries and less blood is able to flow through, since plaque is made of cholesterol and scar tissue it clogs up in the arteries. The plaque that’s build up in the arteries can give chest pain, heart attack, or even stroke. If the user does not attend his self instantly it can possibly lead their heart and blood pressure to go up. This is significant because the moment a persons’ heart starts to shut down on them, it could possibly give the user bigger problems in the future or later on in their life. On top of that, there is also 2nd hand smoke which has the same risks that the smoker has; that would make it like if you were a regular smoker. Cigarette smoking can hurt anyone who breaths it; when a person is 2nd hand smoker it makes their platelets in your blood sticky which form clots just like the smoker. The worse part of all is that they are in risk without wanting to be in risk. They have no option on it; the 2nd hand smokers occur because someone really close to them smokes. This example shows how spending time with smokers could affect someone who does not smoke just because they are still breathing it. All this together means cigarette smoking should be illegal because it leads to death.

There is no doubt that, cigarette smoking makes people less active and also leads to death. Cigarette smoking should be prohibited all around the world. The percentage of smoking keeps on increasing even though it brings big risks. It just seems like more and more get influenced even though they know the risks of it. If cigarette smoking is not prohibited our world is going to turn out to be a huge disaster. We will have no future since teenagers are our future and they continue putting their life at risks.

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Cigarette smoking must be prohibited in order to succeed.

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