March 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Like you trying to find your way,people turn to drugs for all kind of reasons, pressure, fear, anger,lonlyness, anythingthing and even the littlest things,They even trun to alchol. Bleave me your not the only one struggling,I have a brother he's 24 years old and he does pill's, your probly asking why, Well i dont really no he does not ask and im afraid to ask witch i should be so one day i asked, he said they take the pain away and the fear and weakness in me, i though wow i never new, bt once the pill wears off the pain is still there,For him its great and for his family it is not, but a nightmare and we are losen him slowly,I no he's stronge and will pull throw i jus have to help him, My brothers story probly aint the last i' sure there are many out there in this world. Strughling or Hurting Anything doesnt make you a bad person it make you a scared person and that a good thing, beacause you can always ask one person for help weither a friend,brother, sister,cuzin, or a teacher.An all you have is a bad problem that can be sloved or stopped.Even if you cant ask some one find something that makes you happy and do that besketball,football,music, art it all can help you in any way, Or write its what i do.Drugs arent the sulotion or the answer and cause harm and hurt your family sometimes they can pull you apart from the family you love even friends. Remenber This When Words Fail Music Speaks.

The author's comments:
Just seeming this in personal exprieance.

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