Saving a Life-It's a Group Effort

March 11, 2012
Our school had a dance this past weekend. I was beyond excited. I love dances and we never have them. It’s a great time to hang out with the girls and attract the attention of those cute guys. I was really excited, because with prom around the corner it was prime date-hunting time. What I didn’t know, was that something much more serious was going down while we were dancing our hearts out. I didn’t find out until later, and honestly, I was furious. I hate myself for not catching the signs, but I’m just as angry at the people who knew. One of my friends is crazy; she’s just a fun girl to be around. Apparently her natural craziness was hiding a secret-to-me habit. At the dance she asked if I could drive her to Friendly’s, I said “No problem”, I was already driving the other girls. We went out to my car after and I asked where she was. I was told she decided to drive herself, “ok” I thought “no big deal”. After we got there and she went and threw up in the bathroom then drove home, I was suspicious. That’s when they said she drank before the dance. They said it was spilt in her car. “Why did you let her drive home?” They said it was only a little, no big deal. We got to my other friend’s house and were getting read for bed. Apparently I was the only one out of the loop. She invited a few girls over to drink before the dance, they said no. She threw up in the bathroom at the dance, they were talking to her and a teacher overheard. She had a water bottle full of beer in the dance. Why didn’t anyone say anything? Why did they let her drive? I would have driven her. The fact that my friends and a teacher knew infuriated me. She could have KILLED herself or someone else. She could have hit us. And no one tried to stop her. Why? So she wouldn’t get in trouble? Yeah, that’s gonna do a lot of good when someone’s dead.

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