How High?

March 5, 2012
By TheBallotOrTheBullet SILVER, Honey Grove, Texas
TheBallotOrTheBullet SILVER, Honey Grove, Texas
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Pot-heads, crack-heads, K-12rs, snorters, shooters, junkies, burnouts, dopers, druggies, pill poppers, stoners. What do they all have in common? [Drugs] Now a day, you can’t go three blocks past your house, without seeing someone high. You can’t go into a public bathroom, without seeing a can of dip. You can’t go to a teenage party, without marijuana being passed out. You can’t go on the publicized internet, without seeing a news cast of a drug bust.

How many of you heard about the four TCU football players that got arrested for trying to sale marijuana to undercover cops? My point exactly. TCU stands for Texas Christian. Now drugs have come to be involved with religious students too. Those four football players are mentors to younger kids and other students. What they do affects how those that look up to them decide what to do with their lives.

How far do we have to go until the entire world just ends up like Venus? Or Mars? Or Neptune?

We’ll end up being so high, that God won’t even recognize us floating beside him.

I ask for a world that rids of misusing drugs. Rids of all the drug cartel violence and all the dying kids. Rids of all the intermixed hatred of family members and all the runaways from an inferno of a home. Rids of all the chaos that money brings and all the barren fields it leaves behind. Rids… of all the misuses of drugs.

I know it’s not in the Declaration of Independence. I know it’s not in the Code of Hammurabi. I know it’s not in the Bible. I know it’s not even in the Constitution. I know that nowhere on paper, there is a commandment of “Thou shall not misuse drugs.” I know.

But when our forefathers fought to become our own country. To become America. To become a nation of peace; a nation of justice; and a nation of prosperity. They were thinking of the human conscience to know right from wrong.

Although some drugs are illegal because of misuse, there isn’t a law saying “don’t try that brownie.” Or “don’t listen to the ‘trendy,’ don’t do it.”

Drugs do more than just make you feel all funny and goofy and fuzzy wuzzy on the inside. Misusing drugs make you stupid. They make you too incompetent to understand anything that those who care about you the most are trying to get through your hard skull.

God gave us all that gift of resisting unnecessary temptations. God gave that even to Adam and Eve. They were told not to take from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden. They were told that they could have all the riches of the world, as long as they didn’t touch that tree. Eve was induced by a serpent to take from the tree.

Just like Eve, modern day humans are being tempted to take and use substances they don’t need.

In 2009, there were nearly 4.6 million drug-related emergency department visits nationwide.

27.1 percent involved nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals

21.2 percent involved illicit drugs

14.3 percent involved alcohol, in combination with other drugs.

Totaling at 62.6 %. That’s 2.9 million people who were in trouble for misusing drugs. In trouble for being irrational. In trouble for seeking wrong. In trouble for disrespting their self; their body; their life.

Do you want to be in fear of always having someone wanting to kill you?

Do you want to be in a life where you will have to sacrifice your loved ones?

Do you want to be of that life?

The misuses of illicit drugs have caused wars between countries. Countries versus their neighbors. Countries versus their enemies. Countries versus themselves. Mexico, our neighbor to the south, is at ends with itself. Mexican crime statistics indicate a 300% increase in drug-related murders from 2007 to 2008. Last year alone, more than 6000 people were murdered in drug-related crimes.

These “drug-related” crimes have affected innocent pedestrians. They have affected policemen’s families. They have affected cartel members. And they have affected even American citizens.

They have affected Our Texas; Our USA; Our North America; Our World.

Despite Mexican government efforts and massive U.S. aid, approximately 800 drug-related murders have occurred already this year, far exceeding last year’s pace. Drugs have killed many. The level of corruption and drug-related crime rates still paint a dim picture for Mexico’s future.

Where does that leave us at?

Sure, drugs are good for motley of reasons. The good-uses of drugs have a vast variety, from helping save people’s lives, to simply getting rid of a headache you have. But let prescriptions and over the counter drugs be used for what they are intended to do. Let drugs be used as something civil, and not something evil. Let drugs be seen as a forte of our generation, and not a downfall of our time. Let drugs be used to help cure a baby’s fever, and not kill an innocent fetus.

Let drugs be drugs.

Let bygones be bygones.

Let us be freed from these unnecessary actions.

How high?

How high must we go?

Not just drug high, but tolerance high.

Something must be done about the overbearing amount of humans misusing drugs, or the world will end up an ash tray, way before we even reach the last day of the Mayan calendar.

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