Teen Alcohol Abuse

February 20, 2012
By Anonymous

Teen alcohol abuse is one of the biggest issues around the world and especially in United States. More teenagers died last year because of alcohol abuse than any other things. Teens are not the only one who are effective because of alcohol abuse but tons of other people such as their parents. It is really hard to lose a child for any parent. It is very important that we try everything in our power to stop teens’ alcohol abuse because if it doesn’t affect them right now which it will, but if it does not, then it has very bad long term effects.

“Every year approximately 5000 teenagers died because of alcohol abuse. It may not be because of drinking too much but maybe because of drunk driving and falling of the roof and drowning. 1900 deaths of teenagers were caused because of drunk driving in 2011.”(Drug Facts) The statics also shows that three-fourth of seniors in high school drink at least twice a week. “That is 75 percent of seniors. Approximately two-third of sophomores drinks once a week. And about two-fifth of the eighth graders drinks alcohol once a week. Just imagine 13 year old kids drinking once a week. It is so sad. What else would they become but alcoholics? Four in ten kids who starts drinking before 15 ends up being alcoholic.” (Alcohol Rehab for Teens)

Teen alcohol abuse also effects their school and academic progress. “One third of them who drinks, they are four times more likely to make Ds and Fs in their report cards. Teen alcohol abuse also disproportionately effects the developing of the brain.” (Alcohol Facts)

A lot of time teens caught up in drinking because of their parents. Parents should realize that kids can be in a very critical and disturbing position because they can’t go their own parents for support or to trust them. Teens can get some bad feelings such as

Guilt. The child may see himself or herself as the main cause of the mother's or father's drinking.
Anxiety. The child may worry constantly about the situation at home. He or she may fear the alcoholic parent will become sick or injured, and may also fear fights and violence between the parents.
Embarrassment. Parents may give the child the message that there is a terrible secret at home.

It is so sad that teens now days are becoming diabetic because of their early age drinking issues. Of all the killing took place because of alcohol abuse, sixteen percent of it was because teens drank even after they became diabetic. A lot of teens don’t even know that diabetic and the just keep drinking. “The doctor said if someone kept drinking he or she would become a diabetic. If he or she continued after that, he or she would likely die.”

“One of the alcoholic said after his rehab that he had to go through all of the following stuff
but to a lot of other lives. It should be take care of as soon as possible.
Five car accidents, arrests, evictions from places I lived, rapidly declining grades in college, growing away from my family, and increased isolation from friends did not phase me.”

It is very important that we do everything in our power to stop these teenagers from drinking and causing problem in the society. Every day it is growing and we should do more to stop it.

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