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February 20, 2012
By greisy BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
greisy BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
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Underage drinking, pretty pointless but even though us teenagers still manage to do it. What teenagers that get drunk don't know is that they are just playing with death. Each year approximately 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die. That does include about 1,900 deaths from car crashes, 1,600 from homicides, and 300 from suicides. All these people that die have families, Imagine all those families that have to go through the death of their teenager. That’s a lot of young people dieing at such a young age only for “enjoying life” for a while, but you can loose life in a heartbeat.
This underage drinking is all up to the teenagers, they make their own decisions and its obvious that they know between the good and the bad. Teenagers do not know how to handle getting drunk.They make the most useless decision when they are drunk.
Excessive drinking literally makes your brain shrink and can cause serious damage. It distorts your ­vision and leads to blackouts.
Teenagers often think that drinking will give you more energy, but alcohol isn’t an energy drink.When we get to high school some of our “ friends” start pressuring us to drink. Some of the High school students see alcohol as glamorous and a way to become popular. Drinking alcohol affects your inhibitions and makes you do things you wouldn’t if you were sober. It just upsetting how much people can change just because they are drunk.
Many girls get pregnant and drop out of school because they make the mistake of drinking too much and having unprotected sexual relationships. Twelve percent of 15- to 17-year-old reported having unprotected sexual relationships when drinking. Also, 24 percent said that because of drinking they had “done more” sexually than they had intended.Sometimes girls don’t have a choice.
Rape also happens when people drink too much. It only takes one night to mess up your life.Going back to this it is obvious that teenagers do things that they wouldn't do if they where just sober having a great time. Why have to go to the point that you might get raped just because you wan to have fun and join in to what other teenagers are doing.
Depression and stress combined with alcohol contributes to about 300 teen suicides per year. High school students who drink are twice as likely to consider suicide than those who do not and those who drink are four times more likely to attempt suicide than non-drinkers.This is such a terrible thing to do many would think or ask themselves “why would they do this” or “why would they do that”. Well maybe if you tried to take the time to talk them out of drinking of talk them out of committing suicide.

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