The Truth About Weed

January 31, 2012
By CaitlinK GOLD, Spearfish, South Dakota
CaitlinK GOLD, Spearfish, South Dakota
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So many people are complaining about why people do the stuff they do and repeatedly try to tell them it’s not any good for them. Well, you know what? It’s their choice in life and they can do whatever they damn well please. I like to go out to parties and drink and smoke weed and cigarettes. I know what the consequences are if I were to get caught in the act.

I think people who like to manipulate their friends to try to get them away from the weed and the liquor, and the cigarettes are doing nothing useful to themselves and their friends. Nothing they say will make them turn around off of the wrong path in life. You never know if that is the right path. What if they become successful individuals? I find myself being more creative and coming up with good ideas of what to write and what to draw while I am high. There is a just a flow that washes over me.

The next thing that bugs me is when people try to tell me that weed is addictive. No way is weed addicting. It’s only the feeling. Imagine just sitting there after a few hits and a feeling of euphoria hits. It’s probably one of the best feelings I have ever felt in my entire life even though I am only fourteen years old. But if crop owners were to chemically induce many of the things that make people addicted to things—such as nicotine in cigarettes—then maybe weed would become addictive. It’s just a thought, not a proven fact.

Another thing that bugs me is when people try to tell me that weed is horrible and that it should be illegal. I ask them why and they tell me because someone could die. I laugh in their face and walk away. That is one of the biggest lies ever. WEED CANNOT POSSIBLY KILL SOMEONE. If someone were to die, it was because of the state of mind the individual was under. I find myself being a little aggressive and wanting to be on the edge. Have I found myself close to Death’s face? Never. I know how to control myself if I get out of hand, and that’s a skill someone needs to develop if they were to live on the edge.

I do believe that if weed was to become legal, crime rates would dramatically increase over a certain amount of time. During drug deals, if the person looking for what they want doesn’t get what they want will end up trying to rob the dealer or potentially kill whoever it is. Another thing would be that prostitution would drop too. If a prostitute was standing on a corner and someone came up to her and asked what she was willing to give and for how much, money and weed would be the things she would want. Money would buy her weed, and weed would bring in people with money for her weed. It’s almost like a process.

What I am saying is just an opinion of mine. These are things I’ve come across during my years in high school and middle school. I know it’s not a very good article because I did no research. This just stuff I know and what I found out from talking to other people.

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The truth about weed in my perspective.

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