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January 11, 2012
By Aimee-issad BRONZE, Fair Oaks,ca 95628, California
Aimee-issad BRONZE, Fair Oaks,ca 95628, California
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Today, nearly 10.8 million young adults calculated through the ages 12 through 20 are underage drinkers. It’s not good to drink, not only by the law but by your body.
In a study scientist found that in a months time more young adults are drinking than smoking cigarettes or marijuana. Through the ages 12 through 15 approximately 50% have had at least one drink. It decreases the number through ages 18 through 20. Which you may ask yourself why. ”Why would they start then end.” Well think of the effects!
But first lets find out why they start,”The Causes!” The biggest influence on young drinkers is because of the life they live in which includes their family, friends, schools, and their society. Others may do it because they have a greater desire to take risks and have increased stress. People who don’t understand say its for attention but no one will ever know because everybody/every kid has a different perspective of their lives. For example not everyone loves onions on their burgers. No one will ever understand the true meaning of being a kid because life always changes per child that is born.
But the worst of all about drinking is the effects. Nearly 5,000 young adults die as a result of underage drinking. But because they are not stable some deaths were caused from injuries such as burns, falls, and drownings. Being drunk also increases the risks of being a victim of a physical or sexual assault. For example a 17 year old girl was with her friend drinking. The 17 year old left her friend [with out realizing] to go drink with some guys she later woke up with doses of a substance [that i cant even pronounce]in her blood stream.(According to a report on Teens speak up)
The Century Council has been a leader in the fight against underage drinking. While rates have declined consumption among young adults under the legal drinking age remains at an alarming level. But no matter what the Century Council(or even the president!) does, it wont stop the consumption of alcohol in a young adults body. They have to make a choice for themselves because others can’t do it for them.(According to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tMQSGlos5c) A 17 year old girl was injured at a party because she fell down a flight of cement stairs and landed right on her head. She remains in the hospital under critical condition and hooked up to a v.e.t. This all happened because she didn’t have an adult there to watch her because everybody was drunk. The choices people make may or may not effect their lives but they can be risky. Teenagers don’t understand the facts because all the teens that may or are now reading this are most likely saying,”Oh that wont happen to me I’m smart.”(I know because I’m a teen myself)But the truth is your not smart when you drink because drinking doesn’t give you the ability to be smart!!
All in all I’m just trying to get those other teens to stay safe and know the risks and effects about drinking and if you decide to get drunk make sure you have an adult or a sober friend to look out for you.(Which means someone who is not drunk!)

Sincerely yours,

Aimee Dassonville

The author's comments:
this piece is to help the teens understand risks effects and to tell you to be safe

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