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January 13, 2012
By blowfly BRONZE, Citrus Heights, California
blowfly BRONZE, Citrus Heights, California
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Dear Fellow Readers,
Imagine a world where there is no drugs, and everyone was clean. Can you see our world? I know I can. If drugs weren’t around imagine the grades we would have in school. I bet they would go up about 60%, and that’s for the people who are doing drugs the other 30% is the people who don’t do drugs. They probably have amazing grades. I Overly hate drugs. They make a person look bad and no one wants to see that, and trust me you don’t think I’ve seen this. Well I have and it’s not pretty.
I can recall staying over at my apartment when I was about five. I was stuck there with my sisters and they would make me go upstairs so they could do drugs or smoke pot. I would always sneak back down stairs and look at them and think, “What are they doing that they don’t want me seeing?” I soon found out that what they were doing was wrong and just provocative! When my mom was home they wouldn’t do this, but when she wasn’t it was just free for all.
When I wasn’t home, my mom would go over to her friend’s house and do ecstasy. Have you ever heard the saying “do as I say, not as I do.” Well if you have that’s basically how I lived by. I lived by that saying without being told about it. My mom didn’t want me doing what they were doing, she wanted me to be the good kid, and not the bad girl walking around thinking I’m so cool. Luckily I wasn’t and look at me now! I’m nice and smart. Not stupid and dumb like the kids who do pot. If you take my advice it just ruins your life. It didn’t get my family too far in life.
Drugs are one of the main things on this planet that kill your body without you knowing. They’re the silent killer! If you’re in the mood and keep on taking the drug and just cant get enough, you can kiss your life good bye… because you will be dying in the hospital or right where you’re standing. You get my point? You will die. It shortens your life by a lot.
Well I hope you take my words seriously and think twice before doing any drugs, remember they will just ruin your life and everything will go the wrong way. Make good choices and be the leader, not the follower. Thank you.

Sincerely, Olivia

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece to show what drugs do to you. i lived around them for years and i absalutly hate it. i thought that this would catch your attention and make you think twice before you do drugs.

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SaMiLoVe97 SILVER, Okawville, Illinois
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weed isn't bad for you. it cure's cancer and grows braincells. alcohol is worst than smoking pot. you can't get addicted to weed and it doesnt cause any damage to your body. im sorry about everything you've been through but dont label pot smokers"stupid" for doing what they do. its the least hazardous drug. i understand where you're coming from with the bad drugs. the ones that eat your braincells and cause cancers and cavities in your body. oh and also,people who smoke marijuana arent any different from anyone else. i know straight a students who are on debate team and in ffa and cheerleading who smoke pot. just know you arent the only one who goes through stuff like this. kay thanksss.(:

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