November 29, 2011
By bieber2420 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
bieber2420 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Alcohol, goodbye!

The other day a young girl died in a car accident. It wasn’t any normal car accident. An irresponsible drunk driver ran her over as she crossed the street to get her ball. The sad thing is that she was innocent. Now the driver is serving 2 years of prison, and now her family suffering the consequences. It was all because the man had to drink and drive after drinking a beer. Sad how alcohol can take lives? That is why alcohol should be banned.

Alcohol causes health problems. Did you know if you drink 7 bottles of beer that when you get all missed up, because alcohol is a DRUG you can get addicted to it and its hard to stop. Alcohol causes you to get drowsy, which makes you throw make up all the waste you just swallowed. Alcohol can also cause mood swings, behavior problems, depression, memory loss, and even seizures according to the Drinking Prevention Inst. If you drink more than 10 bottles of alcohol you can loosen and damage brain cells which affect your learning skills. According to the Drinking Prevention Inst. Alcohol causes lung disease. The toxics go in to your lungs and let ammonia out. I mean come one do you want to go through all of this because of beer? Yuck.

In addition, alcohol pretty much kills, no joke. Because, of alcohol use. Alcohol messes up your muscle coordination and slows down your reaction reflexes that’s, why each year thousands of car accidents happen more than half of them are cause because of alcohol. In 2006 there were 17,941 driving accidents about 80 percent of those car accidents were caused because of beer consumption. In 2007 13,000 Family’s, suffered of a lost one, because of drunk drivers. Alcohol is not worth a life.

Even though people use it to forget about stuff alcohol is an excuse. Some people only drink or use alcohol to forget there times and “down sorrows” I mean I understand we go through rough times and just want to get it out of there heads for a time, but I mean come on alcohol will help you forget about it, but how long does is take before it wears off and you start to drink again?! I personally think that it’s a big excuse, I don’t think alcohol will help your problems at only make them worse. All it does is make your brain all fuzzy and just forget about everything else.

I mean do you really want to see a little girl dead because of some drunk person? We should ban it again, its nothing but trouble. Causes, deaths, health problems, and just an excuse. Alcohol bye!

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