Smoking Kills

November 29, 2011
By uwman BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
uwman BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Smoking is one of the most disgusting diseases in the world. According to CDC.GOV for every person who dies from a smoking related disease, 20 more people suffer with at least one serious illness of smoking. Each day 3,450 young people between 12 and 17 years of age have their first cigarette, and 18% of all the smokers in the U.S die from smoking. Smoking should be stopped. It kills everyone one way or another.

According to CDC.GOV 18% of all deaths is caused by smoking. However about 443,000 deaths is from smoking and about 50,000 deaths from secondhand smoke. On the other hand people smoke these death sticks like crazy 1, 2, 3 packs a day and that could cut there life down 14 years.
I bet you that most of the smokers in the world don’t even know what 85% of the stuff that goes into them. However the ingredients in cigarette's is 90% bad. According to ingredients include vinegar, nail polish remover, cleaning agent, insecticide, lighter fluid, cadmium, DDT, alcohol formaldehyde, barbecue lighter, gas chamber poison, rocket fuel, gasoline additive, toluene, plastic piping, and much more. So cigarette's are completely harmful for you no wonder you can lose up to 14 years of your life.
Even though people need cigarette's to help them be calm, but there’s other things you can do that wont be as harmful. Like they could always have a mint’s in their pockets and every time they get the craving for a DEATH STICK (cigarette's) they could suck on a mint.
The reason they need to find another way to stop smoking is SECONDHAND SMOKE. A lot of smokers wouldn’t care less about were they smoke as long as they can smoke. So that means in cars, in packs of other people, in some restaurants, outside of stores like Walmart and Smiths. That means all the people who want to stay away from the “Death Sticks” they cant. But the people who are more at risk for Secondhand smoke is their family members. For example I have an older sister who has a three year old son and smokes around him non stop in the car, her house. Its horrible and then he always is coughing and hacking when we babysit him and smells horrible. He could easily get lung cancer or heart disease from his mother if she wont stop. So according to CDC.GOV every year 3,400 people die from lung cancer each year because of secondhand smoke and 46,000 from heart diseases. So if she doesn’t stop smoking she could lose her son and I could lose my nephew.

According to WVDTP.ORG in 2004 573 packs were sold each year and that was 1.5 packs per day that each smoker had taken in. The cost of each of those packs were $3.70. So each smoker at least spent $2,121 in a year on cigarette’s and prices have multiplied bye three and same with packs sold.
People are being killed bye smoking not only because what goes into the smokers but what goes out and I'm for stopping smoking because it kills the smokers, everyone around them, the stuff that goes into them is poisons, and prices the are outrages. That’s why we need to stop smoking. So everyone who hates these mini killers should help put a stop to it one way or another.

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