Put Down the Keys

December 6, 2011
By Nicole_Bender SILVER, Morgantown, Pennsylvania
Nicole_Bender SILVER, Morgantown, Pennsylvania
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Dear All Who Will Listen,

So you’ve just come from a party, and your still buzzing from the loud music and all the red-cup drinks you drank. If you are even sober enough to remember which car is yours, or where you put your keys, you should be sober enough to think something through. Do you really want to risk lives tonight?

When you woke up this morning, did you plan on having the choice between murder and life? Sure you don’t have a loaded gun in your hand, but you are about to get into a two ton, steel, murder weapon. Which one sounds scarier? On top of that, throw in a person so wasted that they can’t even figure out how to turn on the radio.

Honestly, if you want to risk your own life for that one party which is “the party of the century”, I can’t stop you. You’re already too far gone. If you really want to risk it, think of this first. I beg of you. Is it really worth it? Do you have anything else you want to do with your life? Do you want to go to college? Maybe it’s something as simple as seeing a friend tomorrow for lunch. Are you willing to loose everything in your future because you don’t want to call someone to pick you up?

If you’re willing to end your life in such a terrible, and I’m sure painful, way, then you are crazy. Not only that though, but other people are on the road. Families, children, new born babies. I could be on those roads. Do you want to be the one that makes a mother tell a little girl that her brother won’t be coming home tomorrow? Or ever again?

It’s not just your life anymore. I’m not going to sit back and watch as some drunk takes a joyride around town. I’m not planning on letting someone who doesn’t care about anything but a good time ruin my dreams, or my future.

I’ve seen too many good people loose their lives because they were drunk and driving, or because someone else was. They might have been on the news, but for anyone to die because they wanted a good buzz, or because someone else did is such a sad thing.

Think about it. How many lives could have been saved if there was someone, just one sober friend, who took the keys from their friend’s hands and made them not get behind the wheel? Everyone talks about how easy it is to say no, but it might not be when you’re drunk. It’s a lot easier to say “Don’t do it” when you sober though.

If from this I could save just one life by opening someone’s eyes to see that just one drink is too many to get behind a wheel, and then I’ll sleep well tonight. If you’re the drunk one, get a ride from a friend. If you’re the sober one, then take their keys and talk some sense into them, because I’m tired of being scared to go on the roads when I know there’s a party near by. And I’m done hearing the stories on the news about another life lost.

I’ll never let someone drink and drive. I hope you’ll join me in the promise.

Thanks for listening,

Sober and proud.

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