Legalizing Drugs?

November 19, 2011
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Should drugs be legalized? I have a strong opinion that drugs should not be legalized! I have personally seen what drugs do to people. Drugs ruin peoples life’s. They divide families, change the things you love most about someone in a negative way, increase ageing, and decrease the persons intelligence.

There are no positive effects of drugs, besides for making the person doing them feel good. Drugs will enable the person doing them to forget the hardships for a little while until the drugs wear off and everything hits him or her like a ton of bricks again.

Drugs decrease the life span of the person using them. If I had to describe drugs with one word it would be a thief. They steal the persons future, a chance for happiness, his or her relationships, health, looks, and money. To me it does not seem
worth it to just make me feel good and make me forget the pain that is going on in my life; Then go through all this negative experiences that would change me for the worse forever.

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