November 16, 2011
Should marijuana be legalized? That is a question that is being heavily debated throughout the United States. If it is legalized there are so many negative and positive things that would happen. One has to conclude wither or not the positive things will remain positive though. For starters Amsterdam legalized it for the benefit of profit and there revenue went up, but after a few years people stopped working. It may have been from the marijuana it may not have, but one should think about this with reason. If marijuana is legalized just what would be next? Cocaine? Turning narcotics into over the counter drugs? This is reality. If weed is legal then it would just cause more reason to legalize other drugs. There are other drugs worse than pot that would want to be legalized. Without a doubt freedoms of our country could grow right alongside of failures. The positive? More jail cells free for the true criminals. Someone on weed is already pretty common, so common that allot of are taxes are spent keeping them in a jail. if it was legalized then the only crime that would be in prison is murder, breaking an entry, etc. is it more of a crime to keep smokers in jail and deny them of their free will or is it more illegal to help lead this country even more downhill? From my point of view, it is more of a crime to let free will get out of hand. Freedom is what America is about but legalizing marijuana would pull the standards of freedom to a whole new level. Shouldn’t we be focused on getting out of this recession? Shouldn’t we be trying to survive trillion dollars in debt thing? We have more important stuff to do besides worry about smoking pot legally. This is supposed to be a government ran by the people and for the people, and it should be ran for the benefit of the people. There are limits and in my opinion legalizing marijuana is crossing the line. This all depends, does the good out way the bad? Is legalizing weed going to help the economy? Is losing memory, or messing with your mental health really worth a few hours of escaping problems. Because when the high goes away all your problems will be there waiting for you. Wake up! This is America and this is choices that will affect our lives now, and our grandchildren later.

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