Teen Alcohol Usage Good or Bad

November 3, 2011
By Brenda_Cabrera BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Brenda_Cabrera BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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More and more kids and adolescents are getting sucked into the drinking and smoking game. Is there no way to stop it? We all know there is although when we witness, that 13 or 9 year old boy/girl no one attempts to stop them. This is the reason more than half the people around us have already tried an alcoholic beverage, smoked, or a different form of drug.
A numerous number of the people that have become stoners will say that when they were very young they would not do it. Not a chance in life. As they grow up their environment begins to transition. Families grow apart, situations get tougher, friends begin to change and the feeling of having no one and emptiness kicks in. Instead of trying to find a way of letting ones emotions out they find alternative methods. These ways are not always the best. When talking to a person they find really trusting and can tell the world to does not work, they turn to music. If option one or two fails they result in self mutilation. After hitting this stage many turn to drugs.Some may skip the self mutilation stage and just go to drugs. It does not always come from family or friends. Half of the other times teens fall into peer pressure. Watching the "popular" kids at school do it;moreso; makes the lower social class think that if they start smoking, drinking, shooting, or snorting they can be on top with them. The ones that are smart enough to realize that it does not do anything but take everything away for a couple hours; then back to the stress, problems, or party are over. Yes, one can feel the baddest of the bad; once everyone comes off their high things that the individual did. Now what? These videos are never kept as a funny memory. The media clips are posted on youtube facebook and other social sites. Everyone at school knows what happened, embarssed and more stressed than before they turn to a heavier drug.
Once a person is person is hooked it becomes their life; slowly they begin yo loose friends and even family. People being to lose trust in them, all their credibility and trustworthiness are lost;hence; when word gets out that they turned to drugs and alcohol, more than likely it will be lost because the individual that got hooked, will possibly steal from a family member or a once close friend just to get a couple hours of feeling that high.
It is important for teens to know just because their parents and or friends do it does not mean that they have to follow the crowd. Various things change, the biggest will probably be the environment they grow up in as well as the people they chose as friends. Only then will we be able to shrink the blackhole sucking in more and more teens each year. If we take the movment into action hopefully we will be able to lower the number of kids getting into this. Even the numbers in teen pregnancies will lower as they also have to do with problem affecting today's society. People think it is so fun so drunk and do the stupidest things.Well the people surronding them are very oppurtunistic and most are taken advantage of. At many times having people that go purposly to take advantage of the newbies at beer parties. In the morning waking up in a total daze trying to remember what happened as well as how they got in the situation they did.

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Miss B said...
on Nov. 10 2011 at 10:31 pm
Im impressed with your maturity, B! You have grown so much from the 6th grade and you truly are a positive leader in your school community!! You have the strength of a million, so keep pushing! I believe you are the answer to this prblem. These persons turning to drugs need a strong friend, like you. Start a support group at school....or create a column in ur school paper....you are stronger than you think!! Like i have always said, and will continue to say, you will be something great...just keep moving forward! Forever proud, your sixth grade teach', Miss B.

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