Drugs, why take them?

September 7, 2011
By jmdsl BRONZE, Vigo, Other
jmdsl BRONZE, Vigo, Other
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When someone young thinks about doing something illegal he thinks that its cool, but you never think about the consequences of it because everything that's good has something bad and everything bad has something good. You might feel cool for smoking marijuana but that's a little good part the bad part hides and grows slowly as you become independent on it and can't stop smocking it, same thing happens with smocking tobacco as its illegal for under 18 year old, those that don't have the correct age think it's cool to do that as most people don't do it so they do it to become special. These people will think they are cool and probably some non smokers too and some of these non smoker's will probably join sooner or later, others don't really mind about if he is cool or not and just take him as a normal person, and then there is the third type that thinks there special but not because there cool but because they are infected with the most common disease in the world, independence.
People with this "disease" will try "infect" new people by offering them to try drugs or they will do like in go ask Alice by putting drugs in your drinks, people must learn to reject these drugs and resist trying them as you never know who made them or what they are. An example of not knowing what is in your drugs is an event that happened a few years ago when 2 guys went to a club at night and took ecstasy that could have had anything, these 2 guys died that night just because they wanted to try something new and that new thing for them was new for everybody because it had a substance that should not have been in there and that could have killed more people.
Why risk your life? Why risk getting a disease that could stay in you for ever? Why risk ruining your life?
This what you have to think when someone wants to give you drugs.

The author's comments:
What inspired me was seeing all these people that took illegal drugs and some of them friends who were 14 or 15. These friends would tell me that I shouldn't take drugs and they tried to leave drugs, they weren't like other people that were more time with drugs, but i believe that sooner or later they will probably.
I hope people will get this message and understand that drugs may be cool or new but that you will pay consequences for it

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sexy said...
on Sep. 13 2011 at 9:17 am
nice story and drugs are very bad good :)

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