Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized?

August 25, 2011
By CassidyRyan BRONZE, Tipton, Missouri
CassidyRyan BRONZE, Tipton, Missouri
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So the age long question continues, should Marijuana be legalized? There are many opinions saying "Yes, it should be legal," and so many opposing. But, where do you stand?
"I think marijuana should be legal because it would lower the crime level and marijuana doesn't do near as much damage to your body as cigarettes or alcohol, but they are both legal beyond a certain age," Cassidy Ryan says.
Is marijuana really good for you? Organizations such as Above The Influence and Partnership For A Drug Free America seem to broadcast some downsides to the herb. Above The Influence broadcasts commercials on television about the "Evils of Marijuana use." But, they never show the full effects of Marijuana.
"After one hit, you're addicted," is probably a saying you've heard many times but, it is humanly impossible to become physically addicted to it. Mentally, yes you may become addicted to Marijuana, but you can be addicted to cheese burgers, too. It is possible to become physically addicted to, or abuse anything that has a downside.
"Marijuana causes memory loss," yeah, it causes memory loss. But, anything can cause memory loss such as alcohol.
"Marijuana fries your brain cells," well, yes, Marijuana may fry your brain cells. But, at the same time it is stimulating others and creating new ones. So, you basically become the same person and your brain cells actually get more stimulation, which is better for you.
This article may seem biased, but it was wrote because I, myself, am a promoter of the legalization of Marijuana. I believe it was only frowned upon to begin with because the man running the cotton company got angry when demand for hemp beat the demand for cotton. Some Bibles were printed on hemp. Other historical documents such as, The United States Constitution were also printed on hemp. And, the Emancipation Proclomation was written under the light of a hemp lamp.

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