lowering the drinking age

August 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I would like to talk about the debate on lowering the drinking age. I strongly believe that they should not lower the drinking age because lots of teens aren’t careful of what they are doing. Lots of teens have terrible accidents. Here are some reasons why or why not to lower the drinking age.

People have said that drinking will make less of a taboo but I respectfully disagree. Drinking has bee going around before it was raised to twenty-one. People who did raised the drinking age were probably caring about the teens that got killed from getting drunk.

People have also said that it’s good to drink responsibly. However, I think that it won’t because younger drinkers lead to unprotected sex, violence, and depression and etc… I don’t think that teens are ready to be adults even thought they think they are. But I also don’t think they need to try everything that an adult has to try.

There are people that also said that there was a decrease in fatal accidents from teens to young adults. But there were more fatal accidents in the twenty-one to twenty-four age group.

Lowering the drinking age is not good for kids under the age of twenty-one. This is the reason why u shouldn’t drink under the age of twenty-one because lots of teens get killed in traffic accidents. Even though some parents let there kid have beer or wine which I can understand that they want to try it and all but not the whole thing. I wish that teens would listen to what there parents say to them.

These teens don’t need to get drunk. Teens who drinks probably think they’re so cool but they really aren’t teens that drink are a bunch of blabber jackets.

Drinking causes lots of problems like fatal expression, traffic accidents especially the passengers and it increases in teens having unprotected sex. What would you do if u were drunk but you didn’t know that you had sex and you got the girl pregnant. Would you run away from it or would you stay with the girl until u figure something out?

I think that these teen drinkers are angry with themselves and they think that drinking might help and solve your problems, well guess what it wont, drinking is something that teens drink because they follow in other peoples footsteps. You need to follow your own instincts believe in yourself. When you drink don’t you think about what your doing or do you not care about other people? When they raised the drinking age to twenty-one it decreased car crashes, it decreased passenger accidents, and it decreased in people getting drunk. Drinking caused more physical changes, but when it was raised it decreased unprotected sex, violence, and depression etc… and it decreased other social ills.

Drinking caused more deaths for babies, but when it was raised, it decreased the baby becoming an alcoholic, it decreased heart damage for the baby, and it also decreased health issues for the baby. You should fail the resolution because it caused traffic accidents, caused more physical changes, and it caused more deaths for babies.

The author's comments:
this article is to stop teens from drinking until they reach the age of twenty-one

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