The Monster

August 1, 2011
Life was great before I met the monster. He became my best friend and I became his. He introduced me into his friends and I did the same. Before I knew it I couldn't go a day without them. They became a part of me I couldn't leave behind. My mind became unfunctional without them by my side.Soon after I began to wonder how my life would be without them after I had already pushed everyone out of the way just to get to them. I began to question myself. Could my life ever be the same again without them? I start to walk away slowly but they came sprinting after me begging me to stay. It was like mental bars trapped me and my motivation was taken away. I looked around for someone to save me, but it was already too late. Everyone was done with the lies that been told. There I was, stuck with no way out. Im on another journey with them now, they've got me with their smiles, laughs and all. I can't blame anyone else but myself for all my future journeys im about to take. One day i'll surrender I kept telling myself, but as I looked up at the stars in the sky; reality began running through the sky and dropped down to my heart, telling me to go home that it was all over.

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