American Roulette

July 26, 2011
They slide the pistol over towards you. Your turn. You pick up the heavy, silver, 6 shot revolver. You flip the cartridge open. One golden bullet, 5 empty chambers. But don't worry that bullet only has a 1 in 6 chance of hitting you. About 17 percentile. You spin the cartridge.

Besides you know how to time it. Your in control. At least that's what you tell yourself. That’s what you want to believe. The reality is, you haven't got a clue where that bullet is going to land. You never did.

You lift the gun, that seems to get only heavier, to your head. Close your eyes. And here is the thrill. The rush you get from playing. The rush you paid for. That's right, you paid money to play this fun game, and there is no prize money after wards. If there is an afterward.

You put your finger on the trigger. That's when the real thrill comes. When your on the edge. So pull. Just a squeeze. Come on. Do it.

Your not going to are you? Your not going to risk your life over something stupid. Because you actually have a brain compared to the rest of your so called friends who told you it was cool to do this.
So you walk away. You say no. Which is the better choice, and it's not because your scared. It's because you don't want to risk your family having to loose you to soon. You don't want to buried in a grave when you had the chance to make a difference in the world. That's why you say no.

So then I ask you. Why do you take your chances with drugs. Because honestly the only difference between that and Russian Roulette is that your not passing around a pistol, your passing around a bong, or a joint. And the more you do it, there's a better chance you land on the bullet.

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