Escaping Alcohol

May 25, 2011
By , , SC
Growing up as a male teenager, I have found that alcohol is one of the biggest peer pressure issues I’ve had to face. Trying to establish my own person values is difficult when all I see around me is the portrayal of alcohol in many different ways. When I was a pre-teen I heard horror stories of teenagers killed in alcohol related incidents, young girls involved in date rape from the abuse of alcohol, and simply dying from alcohol overdose.

As I entered my teenage years, alcohol became a source of fun for my peers. From day one starting in middle school I have been surrounded by this dangerous dilemma. It seemed like every time I heard about my friends getting together, alcohol was involved in some way. I never heard of any problems associated with alcohol from my friends. It has been up to my parents to make me aware of the dangers of substance abuse.

Now that I am considering my college/ career years, I have noticed that corporate America is strongly influenced by alcohol. Business meetings are made over cocktails and contracts are debated in golf club houses over drinks. Attorneys celebrate their victory with a toast. People down on their luck tend to drown their sorrows by drinking. Bride and Grooms start their lives together by sharing a glass of Champaign.

I have told you all of these things in hope that you will realize how big of a problem alcohol abuse is, not only in teens, but even as you move on in life. I think that parents are going to have to step in and teach their kids that alcohol is harmful to your life. I think that we should hold on to the fact that alcohol is destroying our society. We must stop this abuse.

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