April 11, 2011
By Joekriner BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Joekriner BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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When reading the article stereotyped I had thoughts about discrimination and religion. Many people become part of a religion due to influence and peers. They believe what the people around them believe because they don’t want to be left out. Some religions baptize new born babies, ex. Catholic’s. Now this baby doesn’t even know what this religion believes or what other religions believe and has made a promise to this religion. I believe this is wrong and people should understand religion before they get baptized. Other religions try to convert people to their religion and look down on those who don’t and say they’ll burn in hell. I do not believe in hell. Or in people suffering so do not care about other people’s religion. I believe religion is a guide, a series of rulebooks, and answers to unexplainable questions. Religion was made to help keep this world a good place to live. The Christian religion says that we should not steal, lie, cheat, kill, and various other things and if we do we shall go to hell and burn for eternity. I believe this was made to keep society scared so they will not do these things. If it wasn’t for religion the world would be chaos. Why are you good? Three reasons probably, you want to be accepted by people around you (who probably are religious), the law strikes fear into your heart, and religion strikes fear into your heart. Religion is there because the law can’t watch you all the time, but god can. It’s a guide for some people who are lonely and did something to believe in. I happened to be a latter- day saint because it happens to be the only religion that makes sense with protection for me. But people who are non religious always get asked questions that only religion can answer. What happens when I’m dead? Where did all the facts in the bible come from? I don’t know but I can find more reasons not to believe then reasons to. But I choose to. I feel like I need to so I want live my life debating what’s right or wrong or what if I do go to hell? But I have my sense of protection and others have there’s. Let people believe what they want, your loves won’t burn in hell if they live a good life and are kind. If you want more of what I think about religion please ask. This is what I thought when reading the article “stereotyped” by Anonymous.

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