Lets Legalize!

April 7, 2011
By GanjahKing BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
GanjahKing BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year nearly half of a million people die from tobacco related use, but not a single person dies from just smoking marijuana. “Indeed, epidemiological data indicate that in general population, marijuana use is not associated with increased mortality” (Roberts). In the 1930’s, marijuana was made illegal because it was thought to cause immediate death, stroke, heart attack, and derangement. But, just smoking “weed” has not caused a single death in America. Legalizing marijuana would make it more available to patients suffering from pain and disease; eradicate the drug cartels in Mexico and help the economy, possibly even taking the U.S. out the recession.
According to the article, “Effects of marijuana,” marijuana assuages the pain caused by many different diseases and ailments. According to the book, The Pot Book, Marijuana aids cancer patients by slowing down the rate at witch it develops, and through this process, lowers the suffering for that individual. It also helps ease the pain caused from chemotherapy and reduces pain from AIDS. Marijuana is also largely used as a painkiller, but without the negative effects that other painkillers like Vicodin and Oxy Contin have, where you feel sick and can become addicted. Marijuana also helps patients with sleeping disorders like insomnia by creating exhaustion. Bulimic and anorexic patients use marijuana to increase their hunger so that they have more of a desire to eat. Clearly, marijuana is a major medical benefit to all, and should become available to everyone who needs it.
Legalizing marijuana would eradicate the majority of drug cartels. Marijuana being illegal in the United States created an illegal distribution of it throughout the country. That has only gotten larger and more destructive to the safety of our country and countries having to deal with the drug cartel production and transportation of marijuana. The article, “Drug War Facts: Annual Causes of Death in the United States,” states that 17,000 people die a year just from using drugs created by the cartels; and nearly 10,000 people die due to murders caused by rival drug cartels competing to distribute marijuana illegally. Aside from the deaths and safety of our country, drug cartels play a major role in creating corrupt politicians because they hold the power to pass laws that legalize marijuana, which threaten the profit of drug cartels. A lead researcher of the Drug War stated, “The fact is that the current drug laws are contributing to an all-out war on our southern border -- all in the name of a modern-day prohibition that is no more logical or realistic than the one we abandoned 75 years ago” (Jackson). If that isn’t enough reason to legalize marijuana, then maybe the thought of getting our economy back on track will help.
The legalization of marijuana can very well take our economy out of this recession. If Marijuana were to become legal in the United States it would create jobs all throughout the country. Jobs like producing marijuana; transporting it throughout the country; and distributing it within dispensaries would help the 9 percent of Americans who are unemployed get back on track and start making a living for themselves. Aside from the amount of jobs that would be created, marijuana could be heavily taxed by the government just like tobacco. If marijuana were to be taxed it would bring in huge revenues for the government and the United States.
The legalization of marijuana will drive off the drug cartels; set us on the road to economic recovery; and help people with serious diseases live longer and with less pain. Our country has only been going deeper and deeper into the recession. If we want to recover from this economic downfall, we need to legalize marijuana.

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I was inspired to write this because I had to come up with an argument for my L.A. class.

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