Alcohol Abuse

March 24, 2011
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Alcohol is used in solutions to heal wounds, for getting rid of pimples and other uses. One of its most common uses is for personal intoxication. Drinking is common in most households and is tended to be controlled. According to websites I have seen you are only supposed to have about 2 drinks a day and you’re not supposed to be intoxicated. People mostly use alcohol to get intoxicated which can lead to being depressed, angry, happy, and even violent. Alcohol changes your perception on the world and causes you to say things you wouldn’t normally say or do things you normally wouldn’t do. This is why alcohol is dangerous.

Alcohol after a certain portion consumed can slow your motor skills. After time you can loose the ability of speech, balance, and sense of direction. This is dangerous because if you are far from home and you try to walk home you are almost definite to get lost or pass out on the way back. If you drive it would be even worse because driving in a car sober with full perception it is still very possible to get in a car crash and at this stage of being drunk you are almost definite to hurt yourself or someone else. Drinking and driving is one of the most common killers and over a million people a year die in drunken driving incidents. If you drink and drive and get caught in the act you can have the chance to go to jail which brought the saying, You Drink, You Drive, You Lose.

At first the drinking age was 18 years old. After a period of time it was raised to twenty one. This didn’t stop the youth from drinking it. Some children start drinking as young as the age of 8. On top of that some adults know about there children drinking even at the age of 8. Alcohol is even worse for children because there body’s haven’t completely developed and it can cause bad effects or even kill them because there body’s can not take as much. Most youth drinkers start around the age of 14 years old and don’t know what there limit is so after a little while they are to drunk to be able to comprehend what’s a good idea and what’s a bad one which can cause and injury or even death.

As I said before alcohol has killed over a million people a year from just alcohol poisoning forget the incidents that happen while you are intoxicated on this beverage. This is why I don’t understand how alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. Alcohol and cigarettes kill tons of people. Do you know how many people had over dosed on marijuana? Zero. Even without considering death marijuana causes short term memory loss, but alcohol causes liver problems. I believe that liver damage is a little bit worse that short term memory.

These all are good reasons to say that alcohol is not good for anyone especially young. Although it also has good effects such as being good for healing wounds and getting rid of pimples. Even the occasional use of it for intoxication. Also a glass of wine a day is good for you so I’ve had been told. So for the next time you decide to down a bottle double think.

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