Peer Pressure

March 24, 2011
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Peer pressure is something every high school student faces. “Just do it” isn’t just a Nike slogan; it’s a phrase that influential people use against you, and not in a good way.

Drugs and alcohol control a student’s everyday life. Everyday, a new student tries a new substance and falls deeper and deeper into the hardship that is peer pressure.

Teenagers lose sleep when they “use” drugs or alcohol and their health is put in danger. This demonstrates why people should just say no when offered drugs or alcohol.

Another horrible occurrence that happens to teens when they use drugs and or alcohol is the brain cells that are wasted and carelessly destroyed because of the use. This results in doing poorly in school and not living up to the dream that they may or may not have set for them. Many do not even attend college.

The damper that drugs and alcohol put on a person’s judgment is immense, making them do things that they would normally not even think of doing, making the substances very dangerous to people, especially teenagers.

Every year, approximately 1300 teen deaths are caused by drugs and/or alcohol. In many instances, the victim didn’t “use” by choice. It was most likely due to someone offering the illegal substances to the victim and because of it; there was a harsh end to an overall good life.

Sadly, the numbers aren’t depleting, but getting larger each year. More and more teens are falling prey to the concept of peer pressure and are dying because of it.

In some instances, a first time drug user has turned into a drug addict and their first time was not their decision, but a peer, pressuring him/her to “Just try it” because “It will help you relax.”

But what can we do about it? There isn’t much to do but to just say no. Drugs and alcohol will always have an effect on our society and teens will always fall victim to peer pressure. But it takes a strong, courageous person to say no; to stand up to the people who influence their lives and just say no.

Something else we can do to fight peer pressure is to just pay attention to our friends and make sure that we stop any disgraceful activity that he or she may be partaking in. Who knows, it could save their life.

Saying no, is it really that difficult?

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