Drugs: A Tool To Rebel

February 4, 2011
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Drug use amongst teenagers is a growing concern worldwide. In 2003 more than 7.5 million teenagers reported having used some type of illegal substance at least once in their lifetime. A majority of these teenagers turn to illegal drugs, due to their overwhelming need to rebel.

All teenagers go through a rebellious stage during their transition to adulthood, whether the stage is minuscule or drastic outbursts such as drug abuse. Most of the teenagers who use illegal drugs think that the drugs are a portal to an independent utopia but are actually a doorway to their very own dependent dystopia. Their rebelliousness will eventually push them through the doorway never to exit this place again.

Most drug-abusing teenagers try non-addicting drugs such as weed and enjoy the high they receive from these substances. These teenagers don’t think they will experiment with any other substances in the future but their need to rebel will eventually push them deeper under the ocean of illusiveness. As a surfer gets more and more experienced, he seeks out bigger and more dangerous waves from the very same ocean.

Once these drug-abusing teens get hooked on the substance they are using, they buy more and more drugs until they cannot afford to buy any more. These teens soon become desperate for more drugs and start committing crimes to pay for their substances. These drug-abusing teens eventually steel money from their parents or even worse commit robberies. The felonies these teenagers commit fuel their rebelliousness as oil fuels a car. Their families and friends will eventually give up on them as many drug addicts have done the same with their loved ones.

There is no doubt that illegal drugs are great tools to rebel. These tools will however eventually lead you to a miserable and pitiful lifestyle. Sure drugs may be fun and make you feel like you are being independent, but once these drugs control you,you will not have these same feelings.

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