Death from Alcohol

February 26, 2011
By CarleeRobin12 GOLD, Pitsburg, Ohio
CarleeRobin12 GOLD, Pitsburg, Ohio
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Alcohol is not the correct term for this substance that we chug and chug until it consumes us with dizziness and instability. And sometimes it leads to death. I know this poison is usually drank because your in need of comfort, I know drinking makes you feel like all your pain is gone or you just want to get away, but it doesn't it just masks your problems. They are still going to be there when your sober. I have done research on alcoholic related deaths and I have found that just in the year of 2001 there has been 72% excessive drinking deaths in men and 6% of that was of minors. Alcohol kills 75,000 Americans each year and it shortens lives at least by the average of 25-30 years. People need to live more carefully. When people have nothing to turn to after a death, or jealousy over something. They usually turn to alcohol. And if you hadn't noticed in about every city there is at least one liquor store on each corner. We have added more bars than we need in this country, why don't we use that money to build homeless shelters or more hospitals. I am pretty sure there are more bars in this country than there are hospitals. Is that telling you something? And when we have all these bars we are obligated to drive, which usually leads to DUIs or death of you or another. Murder is a serious offense and if you are too drunk to drive but you do anyway. You have the chance of murdering someone and that is at least 25 to life in prison. Would you want to give up your life behind bars or in the ground, or would you rather do something about your drinking problems so you don't harm yourself or others.

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I haven't known very many people that have had drinking problems, but I know alot of people that have had alcoholic related car crashes and deaths. All it takes is one time diving while you drank or even getting into a car that the driver has had a few drink, only one time and your life could be ruined or someone else can or even their life could be over along with yours. Please just stick with the law wait till your 21 and don't get to conceited and think its okay to drive while you are intoxicated.

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