Drunk Driving

January 22, 2011
By CherryOnTop BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
CherryOnTop BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
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Do people ever stop to think before they grab their car keys off a bar counter after a party reeking of alcohol? It doesn't seem so. It's even worse when they have an alcoholic beverage with them in the car while they are driving. They don't even realize that they could injure or even kill people because they aren't paying attention. They don't even know that they themselves could die.

It's not a secret that most car accidents occur because of drunk driving, and a lot of deaths and severe injuries result from that, too. It breaks the hearts of families to know that their loved ones died such an unreasonable death. The victims don't expect it until a non-sober's car collides in an instant with theirs. It's a good thing the police have started really cracking down and tracking these deadly drunk drivers.

It's sad that more money has to be spent on commercials to stop drunk driving, cleanup of the horrible wreckages, and, worst of all, funerals and medical bills. It's so easy just to choose a sober driver or wait until the alcohol percentage in the body wears off. It's so easy to stop injuries, deaths, wasteful spending… and drunk driving.

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I wrote this commentary for my LA class.

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