Drug Testing: Yes or No?

January 12, 2011
By , Durango, CO
Student drug testing is a huge controversy. There are students who are against the drug testing, believing it is wrong and a violation of civil rights. However, there are the students, like myself, who believe that student drug testing is a necessary procedure. In order to keep the order at the schools, drug-testing procedures are highly necessary. However, maybe not at random.

Amanda Moore, a student like myself, believes that studentshouldd not have a problem with the testing, claiming that if they have nothing to hide then they shouldn't’t care about the procedure. Her point is true. Studentshoulddn't’t have any problem whatsoever with the testing. A good example of the schools asking to give up a little privacy is a physical exam. Students have to go to a routine check-up at the schools request. This almost the same thing as the testing that the schools have.

Students against drug testing argue that it is a violation of our fourth amendment right. This might be true, however, this right needs to be relaxed in order to keep the student body healthy. And this is NOTHING like what our government allows the TSA to do right now!!! Our Supreme Court ruled twice in favor for the drug tests; once for student athletes, and another for students in extracurricular activities. This case was known as the Board of Edu. v. Earls that started in 2002.

I may think student drug tests are the right way to go, however, I believe RANDOM drug tests are highly unnecessary. Not all kids do drugs, and targeting students who look like they have been doing drugs is the best thing to do. Kids ALWAYS will find ways around a random test. Or just wont care anymore, so forcing a test upon a kid who looks like a drug-addict is the way to go.

Student drug tests are necessary in order to keep our schools clean. Our supreme court even ruled in favor of it… TWICE! Teen drug abuse is a severe problem that needs to be fixed, soon. Therefore this is the right way to go!

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