Drinking age

December 3, 2010
By Katto BRONZE, EVANSTON, Wyoming
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There are many people that consume alcohol,most of this people had or well have some kind of accident soon or later. Well do you ever thing why car accidents happen?those accidents happen after a good party with your friends,where you had drink,than you get tired,you fell like going home,but some of yours friends don't have a ride back home so what you do is give them a ride. Later you wake up in the hospital,doctor comes and tell you all the story, now you have lost a friend in the accident and you realize that it was your mistake. This is what a friend had to past through. So why should the drinking age be lowered?

Why wait to be 21 and not 18 years to started drinking?thats what most of the teen agers are asking,well first a 21 year old person have more knowledge and are more responsible, enough to drink alcohol and to know when to stop drinking,now compare that to 18 year old they have less experience of life and they are less responsible,they always want to have fun at every friday night where most of the time they have alcohol drinks right next to them.

In the U.S when you reach the age of 18,you are legally an adult,you well have a lots of new rights. A 18 year old well have the right to join the military,obtain a marriage permit, and a lots of more rights,thats probably one of the best reasons why the people want to lowered the drinking age.

The U.S centers for disease control and protection (CDC) they found out that increasing the drinking age well decreases fatal accidents by 16%,and lowering the age well increase more than twice of fatal accidents.

In the 1970s, 29 states lowered their drinking age to 18 years old that led a increase by 12% more alcohol-related car accidents in those states for 18-19-year-old males and 19% among 15-17-year-old. Later when they started to realize the big problem in the 1980s 16 states change their drinking age back to 21 and the led to a decrease of alcohol related accidents.

Almost every one seen what a drunk person can do, when a person drinks to a point when they can not control them selves they do things with out thinking, things that the person would not do when the person was not controlled by the effect of the alcohol, some of those things can be very, very bad that they can even end up braking laws and put in jail.

Most of these persons were attending to school and by taking the wrong path they loose the opportunity to finished their education. Others were parents that had children to support and to take care of, now who is going to take care of them? You really think that is a good example your giving to your children. If you don't do something about it soon or after, they're going to do the same mistakes you did.

The people that drink don't realize that they not only their put their lives and danger but other people too. So why other people have to pay for your mistake?

Drinking age is a big problem,some of these persons the drink are more likely to have relations when they been drinking alcohol. Most of them are under the drinking age and that means that they aren't in a age where they cant have a job that well support a family. Well can you imagine a 16 year old with a babe with out a good job? Well how many times have u here something like that?

This cannot be happening anymore we should do something about,we should keep the law for ever,or just call someone that you know to give you a ride back home,or just don’t drink if you know that you have to drive. Keeping this law well save lives and prevent accidents.

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