Teens and Uunder Age Drinking

December 3, 2010
By MikeShniferpivits BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
MikeShniferpivits BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Every year millions of teens are forced to drink by authority figures. Drinking is also the cause of many family fights and disagreements. Underage drinking may cause people to join gangs and make stupid decisions. These stupid choices can lead to being kicked out of the house, living on the streets like a hobo, and having no money for food. Teenagers should not drink alcohol.
Drinking alcohol can lead to stupid decisions. Further more parents can reach there braking point and kick the child out of the house. Being kicked out of the house may cause the child to live on the streets. This can also lead to the child having no money for food or other luxury items. On the streets there is no one to help support them they are basically hobos. In my opinion you should be responsible for your own actions and if this leads to you getting kicked out than you have to deal with it.

Drinking leads to many different types of violence. If teens get caught under the influence the can not legally be taken to jail because they are under the age of 18. Family member can send the bad child to JAHA or Juvenile Hall. These places are for kids who are doing bad things to the point where the parent or guardian cannot deal with them anymore and send them to one of the above listed places.
Another form of abuse is domestic or physical abuse. Abuse from some one under the influence of alcohol can be mentally and physically scared for life. If you are the abuser or the abused you need to stand up for your self in the case of being abused tell some one that has higher authority to stop the verbal or physical threats. So many kids being arrested are leading to over crowding in JAHA and Juvieniel Hall.

Drinking can also lead to gang violence. If you drink you can make choice that you will regret like being in a gang. http://www.kidsdata.org says that 12% of all 7th graders living in California are in gangs. Gang violence is one of the leading causes of some deaths. Gang members can pressure you to join in the violence. If you do you can get in serious trouble with the law. You may be charged with felony charges if you are you can and will lose some of the privileges of being an American. Being associated with gangs can also bring bad reputations. It will be harder to get a job, have money, pay bills, and just live an ordinary life. So if you are thinking about drinking or joining gangs don’t it’s not worth the fight, the struggle or any of that just don’t do it.

Underage drinking is not only bad it’s against the law. If there is anyone forcing or pestering you to drink stand up for your self and take a stand not to be a victim of underage drinking. To be clear don’t join gangs or get kicked out of the house because of stupid decisions. I think hey if you want to have a drink wait until your 21 or don’t even do it at all. It’s not worth the emotional distress or even worth it at all. Parents or guardians need to enforce the no drinking under the age of 21. If parents don’t and they allow there kids to drink the parents can get in as much trouble as the kids will for allowing them to drink. In Other words there’s no other way to explain it just don’t do it don’t even think about drinking. The people at http://www.century council.org say that 90% of teens admit to drinking more than just a few sips of alcohol before being 21. That is just ridiculous. 6.6 million Kids between the age of 12-20 or 17% have dank enormous amounts of alcohol. This is just astronomical. In edition more males admit to drinking while younger than 21 most females are not as much a drinker as males that’s just how it is. Don’t drink!

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