Bad days.

December 8, 2010
You may say to yourself "UGH! I really am having a bad day!" So than SOME people turn to alcohol and smoking and even drugs to help with the bad day they are having. I personally think drinking alcohol on times when things are not going they way you may have planned or thought that they may have turned out, but the question is "Are you drinking responsible?" per say maybe only a few than a whole 24 pack? Or even 12? or maybe 6? Drinking responsible means to me that you may need a drink or two. Or a few when having a REALLY bad day. Big effect on others is the thought of losing you.

Now on to the smoking, this isn’t as bad as drinking but it still has its affects on the body. Like bad breath, black lungs, mouth sores, and etc. So is it really worth it? You could turn to other specialty snack. Like chocolates, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, or junk food.

The other harmful thing you can encounter is drugs. This is one big problem. It may help you for a little while but in the end it has its BIG effects on your body. Like death, out rages, stench, being lonely, addicted, and not happy with life.

Now the big question is “Are these “happy pills” worth your life?” I would think not. I would hate to lose my dad because he abused these product. He doesn’t not smoke(used to)
or do drugs. He does drink but very mildly. I love him and I would hate to know that something very simple and easy to access my dads’ body took over and killed him.:(

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