The Choice

November 21, 2010
One of the leading causing of preventable death is from tobacco use. Cardiovascular disease kills more than 138,000 people per year in the United States. Cigarette smoking causes 85% of lung cancer. Secondhand smoke increases the risk of a heart attack by 30%. 300,000 children suffer from respiratory problems due to secondhand smoke.

To me, these statistics were overwhelming. Before, I had known the dangers of smoking, drinking, and drug use, but I had never been so aware of it as I became by reading my Health book. I have thought it through over and over. Doing so much damage to your body is terrible.

Many teenagers begin to smoke at the encouragement of their peers. By just trying it once, they ‘fit in’, and by doing so, succumb to peer pressure. It is something that I have made up my mind not to let myself fall victim to. The risks to my body—and even to others’—should be enough to make anyone stop and think.

Although I do not have any personal, particular stories that pertain to smoking or tobacco in general, I still feel very strongly about this topic. With so many demerits to this so-called ‘hip’ behavior, I cannot see why anyone would choose to partake in it.

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