High School/University Alcohol Consumption

October 10, 2010
By Sofie BRONZE, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, Other
Sofie BRONZE, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, Other
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A couple weeks ago, we were celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival (Lantern Festival) in Hong Kong. I went with a couple of friends to the beach, which is Hong Kong tradition. We had a good time, playing in the water and covering ourselves with glow sticks (also a tradition) and chugging down sodas. We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours, and around 9 o’clock we noticed that the vibe drastically changed. Instead of good-hearted, big family gatherings, we were instantly surrounded with groups of drunk teenagers, stumbling across the sand and throwing up behind the trees. They were very loud and obnoxious. They were very, VERY drunk.

Which brings us to the main point. Alcohol. Most of us have had it. I myself admit to having taken a shot or two when I am out with friends or at a party. But this is an epidemic that must stop. Kids are starting to drink when they are far too young! Recently, I was literally shipped off to attend boarding school for a year, and once there, I met a 12-year-old girl, who had already lost her virginity and had been drinking since she was 9. All of the teenagers in that school would constantly go down to the beach and drink like there was no tomorrow, no matter what day of the week it was.

I think the biggest flaw in the system, which is what is making this possible, is that most high school seniors are of legal age! (In Europe and Asia the age is 18) This makes it INCREDIBLY easy for any teen who knows a senior to just give them a wad of cash and ask them to buy them something. I think that we should all follow the lead of the US, and bring the drinking age up to 21. That way, it will be much harder, if not impossible, for teenagers to get alcohol. Of course, there will always be vendors who cater to teens, but it will still help control the problem. I also believe that there should be a law which states that college/University students may not drink on weekdays, for this interferes drastically with their studies. Many students destroy their lives this way, completely whoring themselves out in Uni and giving themselves alcohol poisoning, just because they can.

No, I don’t think that we should restrict alcohol for everyone, but I do think that the law has to help control it in the context of studies and work, because the only way this world will improve is if our colleges are producing well-rounded, well-educated individuals.

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Just my opinions on the topic.

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on Nov. 21 2010 at 4:28 pm
TheWanderingMoo SILVER, Oberrieden, Other
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because of the low alcohol age and higher driving age, we dont have nearly as much of a drunk driving problem in europe as they do in america.  in europe kids start drinking while their parents still play a role in their lives.  its much safer and even if theyre drunk, there is someone who can help them when they get into trouble. 


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