October 9, 2010
By Kiley Dulac SILVER, Kittery, Maine
Kiley Dulac SILVER, Kittery, Maine
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It really bugs me that smoking is not Illegal. I mean how can it NOT be. Its death in a box. People are selling this killers to us in stores everywhere. You can't go a store with our seeing a box of cigarets. I really don't get it. It bugs me SO much! Why are we letting the world sell us stuff that takes us away from our loved ones. I can't wait until the day that smoking is voted illegal. It'll be the best day ever. The day I look forward to. I mean, if anything we'd loose the votes because so many people are addicted. Its so sad. I know various kids who smoke in my community. As young of the age of 9. Its crazy, and absolutely NOT right! Why let cigarets take over us. Let make a change. If we stop cigarets we stop MILLIONS of death. Its not just the people who smoke, its the people-kids-BABIES- that are around the people who smoke. Make a change. Stop smoking.

The author's comments:
I hate smoking.. Hate it hate it HATE it. And im the type of person who NEVER says hate... Just dislike.

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