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Teen Drug Abuse

One kids use drugs when they are really stressed. Which at the time they could think it's a great thing to go to. It releives the stress when you get high, but from what he has told me...there is a humungous after effects. It all really depends on the drug you use. Pot/weed gets you high but afterwards you get dizzy and have a headache and then there is mushrooms. That is one of the worst ones. You can go on a trip and not come back. I was once told that this guy went on a trip and thought he was an orange and he still thinks he is. He is a mental wreck. Then there is crystal meth. You can become addicted by the first shot or snort. It's crazy stuff. When i went to Georgia there was a radio station, 95.5, and it would have little segmants of poeple talking about how the got started and how they dont stop. Think about dont see 80 year old meth users. The world has drugs, but that doesn't mean you use them.

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froggy98 said...
Aug. 4, 2010 at 6:39 pm
Like the 14 year old teenager in the passage, not only fo they get hurt by using drugs they also get hurt buy their friends and their aditudes. Its painful to just listen to the conversations they have let alone  the feelings the clean teenager has.
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