I Make My Own Choices

June 23, 2010
By Anonymous

My friends do drugs. I know they do and I'm okay with that until they try to force me to do drugs. Which I am totally against. My friends know that and they know that I think they shouldn't do drugs either. But, I can't decide anything for them. I may be able to influence choices, but I can't make choices for them at least.

The most recent example was last friday and I was with my friends at a skating rink. Well, one of my friends started smoking and they were passing the ciggarette around and when it got to me I just passed to the next person. They all looked at me and one of my friends said "Come on just try it once. Please." But, I know better and I choice to decline his offer. My friends understood and everything but I still don't want them to even try to pressure me because they know it will not work.

Somedays I really wish that they would just accept that I don't do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol. I think that people my age shouldn't. Maybe one day they'll change their ways.

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