Are Alcohol Ads Exploiting Kids?

June 23, 2010
By Anonymous

We all see the ads. Beautiful women and men partying and having a good time. As kids watching that they think, "Hmm... sounds like fun!" Though they don't understand the consequences! The after math? The drinking leads to being drunk. Being drunk leads to looking like a fool and losing respect! Who wants to hang out with someone who gets wasted? Not worth it! The ads only show the "fun"! They don't show the health problems you can face! After the ad shows the fun they spend about a millisecond telling you to drink responsibly! They probably don't care if you kill yourself! All they may care about is the money they are getting from people! What if the kids get home from school and are surfing the channels to find something to watch. The kid sees the alcohol and "fun" and then next thing you know he is getting busted at a party for drinking! Instead of showing the ads at, for example, five at night why can't they show them later at nine or ten? When the eight year old are asleep and they don't see the exploitation! It may save many young lives! As we all know, children are our future!

The author's comments:
I grew up in a torn household. My mother was an abusive drunk and my father worked all the time! My mom always used the excuse about being sad over my grandma dieing. I understood her sadness but she had four beautiful kids that would help her! Luckily I am away from that and live with my dad. The thought that my mom could die any day due to drunk driving or the alcohol killing her made me think what made her do it. I traced it all back to the ads. Exploitation may have been the reason my family was torn apart!

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